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DTWIG is a brand new technology company based in Penang, Malaysia. Our mission is connect humans with the technologies and innovation.

DTWIG TECHNOLOGY which is founded in year 2020 and has more than 6 years’ experience in engineering, manufacturing and technology field.

A big tree needs the combination of many small twigs to form it. “DTWIG” is the name of this big tree, which is formed by the combination of various solution and service. DTWIG provide one-stop solution and service, to help our clients solve the problems quickly and save time.



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One-stop Printed Circuit Board Services

Nowadays, the demand for Printed Circuit Boards is getting higher and higher, and we hope to give customers more convenient and quick to get it. Here we provide a series of Printed Circuit Board solutions and services, example: Printed Circuit Board design (PCB Design), Printed Circuit Board fabrication (PCB Fabrication),Sourcing Electronic Components and Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA).

3D Printing Service

We also bring customers a service that can quickly get any model – 3D Printing. 3D printing can be used to ensure that the model of the design has no problemsIn the future, 3d printing technology will become very common, because its production efficiency and speed are very fast.

Electrical Box Build Assembly Service

We also provide Electrical Box Build Assembly Services, installation of electrical components and routing of cabling. Beside that, we will carry out the Setup and Quality Testing sessions.

Solidworks Design Service

Moreover, we also have 3D design service – Solidworks. We help customers to design 3D model. We draw a 3D model based on the customer’s draft.


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